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Posted by etienne at Feb 21, 2009 5:00:10 PM
Hebrew Old Testament with Strongs Numbers
My name is Etienne Snyman, and I am a student of Theology, and for this reason I work with the Greek and Hebrew texts themselves. For this reason I do not want to look at the English text, and then work back to the Hebrew/Greek meaning of the word. Instead, I wish to work the Greek text (or Hebrew) and then click on a Strong's number if I get lost.

Unfortunately, at the moment there is only support for Stong's numbers in the Greek, and not in the Hebrew. For this reason, GnomeSword/Xhiphos is useless to me at the moment, and yet expensive programs such as Libronix do not help me at all, because I cannot afford them.

The Sword project is excellent, and I am a great supporter of it. I would love to use it for my academic work, but this inability to use the Old Testament Hebrew with any success is a big problem for me.

If I can help to solve this problem, I would gladly help.