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Posted by DaveClem at Feb 16, 2009 5:28:00 PM
Re: How to use diatheke?
if your using a linux shell (bash, sh, etc) one way would be

diatheke -b ESV -k gen 1:1-3 | cut -d ":" -f3-10

this will give the desired output but doesn't really turn it off. it splits each line into fields, and uses the colon to determine the field, then displays the 3rd to the 10th field

(the reason being, that if the text uses a colon at any point then everything after the colon in the text would be lost if you just used -f3, so just to be sure i set it to the 10th feidl , reasoning your not going to have more than 7 colons in a verse of scripture.)

there might be a way to do it with diatheke of course...