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Posted by hoshi411 at Jan 22, 2009 6:26:10 AM
Macsword Bug No Greek
None of the greek modules are working correctly.
I see square characters where the greek characters should be.

I have several greek fonts installed on my computer and all work just fine with "BibleDesktop"
and I would just use that but Macsword has some great features that BibleDesktop doesn't.

My Hebrew modules have the same problem. It seems like macsword is unable to display fonts of foreign languages.

I think we established that Webkit was causing some problems before. Those problems were fixed but only a few of them. I can now use Macsword in 2 column view and view the strongs option and other menue options

However greek and hebrew language characters do not show up

and the menu option to show "Headings" does absolutely nothing at all.

Macsword 143
2004 Powerbook G4 1.5ghz 1gig ram
mac os 10.5.6
Safari version 3.2.1