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Posted by pixelmeister at Jan 6, 2009 9:38:12 AM
Re: German Revised Elberfelder - Strongs Greek-German
Both the Revised Elberfelder and the OLB Lexicons are under copyright. The Revised Elberfelder may be owned by Brockhaus, as you suggest, but the placement of Strong's numbers in it is independently owned, probably by Importantia. The German OLB Lexicons are also probably owned by Importantia.

I don't think Importantia has any interest in releasing modules for Sword, but they would be the ones to approach.

If I payed for the use of both (RELB and OLB Lexicons), am I allowed to use it freely as I intend (meaning copy the content and translate it into Mac Sword)? Of course I will not distribute, but use it for my own purposes.

I am thinking of it and so I opened this thread:

Best regards