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Posted by jpinjapan at Dec 26, 2008 7:04:47 AM
Re: Installation Errors and adding Modules
Based on the number of views, this is not a dead forum, so that is encouraging. Since I got a little help via e-mail support, I will post here some of what I have gleaned in case it might help you too.

First, The error messages...

Do a soft reset, and the first time you open the reader after that, the error messages will not appear. They will re-appear if you open the reader without doing a soft-reset though.

If you are running Windows Mobile 5, you might want to try installing this next version of Sword Reader. Be aware though, it is an alpha or testing version. The nice fellow who sent me this link said it got rid of the error messages for him, and had some other nice features he liked. Here is the link:

Copy the CAB file to your device and install it from there.
Again, please use this link with caution. I installed it overtop of my version 1.0 and it seemed to install successfully enough, only after that, I could not open the reader at all. It is not compatible with Windows Mobile 2003 and/or a Japanese OS PDA, evidently, so then I needed to uninstall the Sword Reader and start over.

NEXT...About getting the Japanese Bibles to display:

I have had no success with that yet. The nice fellow who helped me said this is a font issue that the developers will take up at some point. In the mean time, you have to find a unicode system font that works with Windows Mobile which has Japanese characters.

He said he has not found one that fully supports Greek/Hebrew, but he has succeeded in getting Vietnamese Bibles to display as he found the needed unicode system file with a Vietnamese font. Here it is, if you are interested in Vietnamese:

If you know of a file like this for Japanese, I would be very grateful if you could post it!