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Posted by Yapper at Dec 3, 2008 4:29:31 AM
Re: Some problems in my book in OSIS format
Thank you for your answer...

- I've found some documentation at this page (Manual OSIS 2.1 - PDF). And in fact, the tag <lb /> is used for linebreaks.

- Effectively, the Sword Project application ignores type in "hi" tag because in Bibletime the text appears in bold letters.

- How to put a reference? Because if I puts :
<reference osisRef="Gen.1.6">Genèse 1 v. 6</reference>
it doesn't work... I can see that it's a link but the link doesn't work, if I click onto that link, nothing changes and nothing appears.
However normally a link (if you click onto and which work) in Gnomesword changed the main windows (Left column : Modules to Verses)...
I think the problem in Gnomesword because BibleTime understands my reference.

Also how to put a link in the document pointed in a page of this book ? And how to put a reference in OSIS format ???