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Posted by ua4ever at Dec 1, 2008 5:01:35 PM
Re: OSIS questions
This is great!

To indicate word stress, I am using a combining acute accent (U+0301), which is indicated for such use by Unicode:

"Diacritic marks are not encoded by function, and are not specific to language or usage. For example, look at the acute accent. In some languages, it is a diacritic to indicate a distinct letter (with a distinct pronunciation); in other languages it marks a stress, or a quantity; in others it marks a tone. The implications for linguistic processing (including sorting) may be different in each case."

Also see:

Currently, acute accent is treated as a separate character by the Sword search function.

As I indicated above, it is possible to implement an OSIS tag for stress that would be used for display purposes but will be ignored for searches. For example, a dictionary program Lingvo has a stress tag in its DSL format precisely for this.