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Posted by ua4ever at Nov 25, 2008 10:14:55 AM
OSIS questions
Is there a way in OSIS (and Sword implementation) to tag word stress within the canonical text of the Bible?

I cannot stress enough (pan intended) how important the word stress is. This is true at least in Russian and Ukrainian Bibles where translations are dated and word stress can fall almost on any vowel in any position. Sometimes the stress distinguishes word meaning; other times unfamiliar (archaic) words could be butchered and there is nothing to give the clue as to the proper pronunciation.

I know that the Unicode allows word stress combining diacritics; however, using them would break up the search function (diacritics is an extra character for search purposes).



1. Is there a better forum to discuss OSIS issues/questions?

2. I understand that most Crosswire discussions are on the mailing list. However, I have found that I cannot use them (it's a separate topic as to why). What was the reasoning for not having a developer's forum that would accumulate knowledge in a searchable and structured format?