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Posted by Yapper at Nov 22, 2008 12:24:49 AM
sad   Why doesn't my comment work ?
Hello everybody !

I'm a new user of Gnomesword... I have Ubuntu 8.10...
I'm French, what why it am very bad in English ! sad (You can perhaps speak French)

I want to do my own comments... But I don't want to use Gnomesword (the text-editor) to do that... I would like to use either XML (OSIS) or IMP. I decided to use OSIS format.

I've tried to do my comment but it doesn't work...

I am going to explain what I've done :

(Install Gnomesword libsword6...)

1 Create mycomment.cong in ".sword/mods.d/"

Description=My Comment
About=Mes commentaire personnels

2 Create mycomment.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<osis xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="osisCore.1.1.xsd">
<osisText osisIDWork="My commment" osisRefWork="defaultReferenceScheme">
<work osisWork="My comment">
<title>Mes commentaires</title>
<identifier type="OSIS">MC</identifier>

<div type="section" annotateType="commentary" annotateRef="Gen.1.1">
<p>Comment of the beginning</p>


3 Terminal :
osis2mod .sword/modules/comments/rawfiles/mycomment/ <where is the .xml>

There are 4 files in .sword/modules/comments/rawfiles/mycomment :
nt - nt.vss - ot - ot.vss

Problem : My comment called "mycomment" appears in Gnomesword but it's empty... there are not comment for Genesis 1 verse 1...
I think the problem is in file mycomment.xml
In addiction I think it should work even if it's not complete...

My question : Maybe I have forgotten something... If you see mistakes in a file "mycomment" (.cong and .xml), can you correct the mistakes...

(I don't know the xml format but it know the (x)HTML format)

Configuration :
- Ubuntu Hardy
- Gnomesword 2.2.3
- libsword6 is installed and osis2mod and imp2vs work...

I have followed the web pages :
OSIS Commentaries