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Posted by m2brazil at Oct 29, 2008 7:08:10 AM
Re: Bibles in Portuguese
I am an American Christian Missionary and have been waiting for a long time for a Portuguese Bible module to use in the GnomeSword. I want to use Linux for everything but things like this make me go back to Windows.

I prefer the Fiel or the Corrigida text myself. If there is something that I can do please let me know. For now I have the Portuguese Bible in HTML format and have to use two programs when building sermons. I study in English and then have to search the html for the corresponding Portuguese Bible verses.

As I understand, e-sword and several others are using what seems to be public domain files of the Port. Bible. Is there someone that is requesting to not use these files? Who are they? I will give them a phone call and ask for written permission.

Here is one that says that it is free

Proibido todo e qualquer uso comercial. (prohibited any kind of use commercially)
Se você pagou por esse livro (If you paid for this book)
VOCÊ FOI ROUBADO! (You were cheated)
Você tem este e muitos outros títulos (You have this book and many others)
direto na fonte: (From this place)

Edições em pdf e eBookLibris

I don't think João Ferreira de Almeida would mind if we used his translation.

Here is another one from 1850

A Biblia Sagrada contendo o Velho e o Novo Testamento, traduzida em portuguez
By João Ferreira d' Almeida
Published by Sociedade Americana da Biblia, 1850
Original from the New York Public Library
Digitized Aug 28, 2007
1139 pages

Copy writes usually end after 70 yrs. if they could claim copy write at all

Please! Someone give us the Portuguese Bible! Portuguese is spoken by over 180 million people in the world.