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Posted by dmsmith at Aug 16, 2008 4:48:37 AM
Re: moving modules from linux (gnomesword/bibletime) to jsword
I routinely test BibleDesktop against all the modules available on CrossWire but it is possible that JSword cannot handle some modules that BibleTime/GnomeSword can.

Since the log is showing that there are permission problems, then that is where I would start. It is probably a problem with directory permissions of some directory along the way to the files.

Assuming that your modules are in the standard location of ~/.sword then the following commands should repair the permissions:

find ~/.sword -type f | xargs chmod 0444
find ~/.sword -type d | xargs chmod 0775

The first makes all the files readable to everyone (owner, group member and world).
The second makes all the directory readable.

You can use other arguments to chmod. You can read the "man" page for more details.