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Posted by Ed at Jul 18, 2008 3:07:12 PM
Request for the NASB. How long before the module is ready?
I contacted The Lockman Foundation about having a module in the SWORD Project. Here is the email

This is my comments:

I use the NASB and I have it on a windows bible program. Problem is I don't use windows any more but have moved to PCLinuxOS. I use Bibletime and the ESV translation with it. I keep reading old posting on the Sword project about getting permission to use the NASB. Will that ever come about. Would you ever sell a module for Bibletime for linux. Thanks, Ed

Their reply:

Dear Mr. (deleted by me),

Thanks for checking with us. We did work out an arrangement with them but they have not processed the NASB data files yet. Please check with them.

In His Service,
Carole Holdinski
The Lockman Foundation

That certainly sounds like good news. No pun intended. How long before it will be available. Thanks, Ed