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Posted by VampiroSlack at Jul 15, 2008 2:23:11 PM
Re: Bibles in Portuguese
Here is a good Information about a Bible:

[link removed]

I hope this Bible from "The Unbound Bible" is free.

Please answere. I can make a Bible for the Sword Project.

Jens Grabner

as a matter of a fact, that "Link Removed" Bible seems to be free. after a first look made me suspect it might be Versão de Almeida - Revista e Atualizada no Brasil, I did some comparisons and could not identify the assembly of the text samples I took - that one I did it pretty randomly - with any printed version ever. an internet research told me that package's text might have been made up from several newer and older revisions of Bible versions in Portuguese by an unknown hacker. the modernized orthography is certainly his/her work. and that is a probable reason why it has never been named, or sometimes wrongly been informed to be the Versão de Almeida - Revista e Atualizada no Brasil.

most of the commentaries are in Portuguese, so at I found this information in English:

The Zefania XML site has two bible modules in Portuguese....

88 Portuguese Corrigida Fiel (1753/1995) (POR)
144 Portuguese Version (POR)

and after I saw its text in my girlfriend's Zefania XML - she uses Windows crying - it seems that "Link Removed" Bible is exactly the one described in the quote above as "144 Portuguese Version (POR)".

so I don't see how anyone may ever ask about copyright, chances are too remote the text have been any copyright holder's work.