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Posted by dmsmith at Jun 21, 2008 5:05:49 AM
Re: Accessing bible texts in Python
With regard to the structure and format of the Bible texts, we do not publish this information. Though it is not documented in the code, it is freely available for anyone who can study the code.

We have several reasons for this, but ultimately they boil down to:

  • We want to encourage collaboration for the development and use of the SWORD engine. It seems that many people want to write their own application from scratch, to port the SWORD C++ code to their own favorite programing language (perl, python, .net, c#, ....).

    That is why we have a swig binding for other languages to use the one engine.

    We also have an implementation in Java.

  • We want to encourage the usage of original sources for Biblical material. In so far as possible, when we create a module, we try to obtain original e-texts. If/When we find errors we work with the maintainer of the original source to fix those errors. And as the maintainer improves the quality and/or scope of the e-text, we rebuild our modules from them.

In order to help and encourage you with your dissertation, we'd need more information concerning it. The forum is not an easy place for such a discussion. See our contact page for other ways to reach us. I'd suggest sword-support e-mail or irc.