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Posted by dmsmith at Jun 10, 2008 8:07:02 AM
Re: Albert Barnes' Notes on the OLD TESTAMENT?
If you can find a quality, authoritative e-text that is unencumbered with copyright or license claims, or you are able to scan one, this would be a good addition.

(By and large, if we don't have it it is because we haven't found such a source.)

If it is encumbered and you can get permission for CrossWire to distribute, that's good too.

The pedigree of the e-text is important. We need to "original". Many times, an e-text is a copy of a copy of a copy..., each with potential changes. Sometimes one of these is encumbered and by implication taints the following.

If you think you have found something worthy, discuss it on the members-only mailing list sword-devel. No sense going to the extra effort if we are able to find out that we can't use it.

Even though we can't use it, you might be able to. We won't provide help on the obtaining of encumbered e-texts. But we can help other wise. Our wiki ( has extensive information on how to create modules. If our information is lacking, we'll be glad to improve it.