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Posted by jansorg at Feb 26, 2004 8:17:11 AM
Re: I Give Up....
please tell what is not working with more details, otherwise we can't help you.

To install a module download one from (the RAW download of the module) and fo the following:
-mkdir $HOME/.sword
-cd $HOME/.sword

Now run BibleTime and the module should be there. If you unzipped / want to unzip to another folder please configure that path in BibleTime's Sword setup dialog (Configure Sword->Sword path).

I suggest to update to 1.4.1 because that version has some important bugfixes for the Sword setup part.

You can also install modules with 1.4 using the Sword setup dialog (please use 1.4.1) in Options->Configure Sword->Modules.
If downloading doesn't work please make sure you compiled Sword following our instructions on, i.e. with the --with-curl option.

Let me know what's not working for you,