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Posted by BillyReuben at Jan 17, 2008 7:12:48 PM
Daily Devotional missing days
My church is doing a Bible-in-a-year program, and I would like to turn our notes into a daily devotional module for the Sword program. When I import the module, open BibleDesktop, and select my devotional, I briefly see all of the dates in the window, but then it updates and it skips two days for every day it shows. I see Jan 1, Jan 4, Jan 7, Jan 10, etc -- shows a day, skip two days. If I click on one of the days, it does show the devotional for that day.

My devotional doesn't work at all in GnomeSword.

More technical detail follows:

I used the Day By Day By Grace devotional as an example. I used the mod2imp tool to convert it to imp, so that I could be sure what it was supposed to look like.

To get started and familiarize myself with the process, I created a blank devotional biy.imp file that looks like:
<p>Today's lesson is...</p>
<p>Today's lesson is...</p>
<p>Today's lesson is...</p>
<p>Today's lesson is...</p>
<p>Today's lesson is...</p>

I also created a biy.conf file like this:
Description=Ephesians Commentary (NCTM317) by Geoffrey Bingham
About=Contains: Ephesians
DistributionLicense=Still To Be Negotiated

I ran imp2ld biy.imp and it created a biy.idx and a biy.dat. I copied those files to /home/billy/.sword/modules/lexdict/rawld/devotionals/biy/ and I put my biy.conf file in /home/billy/.sword/mods.d/