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Posted by karl at Dec 29, 2007 6:50:28 AM
Re: Converting eSword to Sword for use in MacSword
I've run my file through imp2vs.exe and now have 4 files; NT, OT, NT.VSS, and OT.VSS
I'm confused. I don't see how these files correspond to a Sword module and I can't find anything to tell me what they are or how I get to a module... a *.mod file.

The 4 files you mention are the usual result of a conversion into basic "raw text" Sword module format. nt and ot are the content, and *.vss are indices into that content. Those 4 files comprise what would go into .../modules/texts/rawtext/YourModuleName/ in your sword module area.

I'm not sure what you expect in the way of "*.mod". The basic converters such as imp2vs and vpl2mod take whatever text you've provided in the "import" (for imp2vs) or "verse per line" (for vpl2mod) file so as to generate those 4 files. They are insensitive to internal markup (ThML, OSIS, ...) and are concerned only with finding appropriate keys (verse references) by which to index content.
Project Admin, Xiphos