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Posted by dan67sf at Nov 9, 2007 6:06:09 PM
Re: Anyone willing and able to port Sword Reader for Nokia N800?
With Microjava you can use this: GoBible

Jens Grabner

As far as I know Microjava is mainly for Cell Phones, not the Nokia N800. Also I have a few different ways to read the KJV Bible on the Nokia N800, PDF format a Text format a HTML format a FBReader format and a Command Line format that runs in a Xterminal.

I'm looking for something where I can look up the Strong's definition along with the ability to have commentaries all in the same application.

I think with the OS2008 Chinook that is to be released within the next few weeks I may be able to get Bibletime or one of the others to work as Debian has "armel" CPU, the CPU that the Nokia N800 and N810 use, releases on thier website.