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Posted by gp_handrich at Aug 24, 2007 7:47:38 AM
bring nt and nt.vss to nt.bzs, nt.bzv and nt.bzz
I am about to vonvert textes from my old windows bible study program to sword format. There are two ways I found out to bring them into a format that contains of 4 files: nt, nt.vss, ot and ot.vss. In both ways these files look good, and one of them was using the sword-converter imp2vs.
My Sword Programm uses in the ./modules directory 6 files named nt.bzs, nt.bzv, nt.bzz (and the same with prefix ot).
My question ist:
Can I get the .vss files work - and what has to be written in the .conf-file to do this right?
Or, is there a way to make the bzs etc files out of the .vss-files?