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Posted by Coburn at May 30, 2007 8:04:07 AM
Content management for Sword
I know this is a real newbie thing to say, but I am just now discovering Wiki. Somehow it clicks with my way of thinking. It also has a lot of features that I have been daydreaming of for Sword, such as:

* Cross-platform (for personal Wiki apps that are in a single HTML file)
* Ability to link diverse data types, such as pictures, external files/pages, etc.
* Editability
* Guerrilla use (portability)
* Free-form journaling, which includes the ability to keep track of your edits

I am particularly dreaming of a Bible study app that will allow you to do what you naturally do with a text Bible: underline (highlight) and make notes in the margin. Wiki allows this. The trick would be to set it up so you could turn a word in the text into a link, e.g. "For God so loved the [[1J 2.15 | world]] that..." without, as a normal user, being able to actually modify the text itself.

Another idea would be to allow a multiple-link menu, e.g. [[+ 1J 2.15; Jn 17.15 | world]] because so often you want multiple references to a passage.

The graphical environment would need to be a hybrid of Wikis and the established pattern of multi-pane views in Sword. See [[ | TiddlyWiki]] for one fresh idea on how to open new views.

There is obviously a lot more that could be said, e.g. how do you make a portable Wiki that includes the content-handling power of MediaWiki without the *AMP platform? I'm just posting the basic idea to invite comments.thinking