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Posted by Osk at Feb 18, 2004 1:02:40 PM
Re: Diathele & the biblebot TCL script
I have the latest version of the Sword API set up on a red hat 9 box that I use for my internet firewall. I've decided to switch to Eggdrop for a IRC bot I need on one of my channels on .. I've started to set up the tcl script with diatheke and I'm having some issues. Mainly I think cause I just don't have much documentation on either.

First question, how do I turn logging on in diatheke? I want to use the !history command...

Second, there were quite a few problems with the TCL script. One big one was the search function in the translations. The command line that was in the script was
catch {exec $diatheke -s $bibver "$vlookup" >& /tmp/fooout.$botnick}

when it should have read:
catch {exec $diatheke -b $bibver -s phrase -k "$vlookup" >& /tmp/fooout.$botnick}

I also have noticed that the naves lookup was broke. Simply because it was supposed to be passed to diatheke as Nave no naves ...

Is there anyone still working on the TCL script or anyone that has one active on IRC?

I'll take a quick glance through the script and fix whatever I notice to be incorrect. There have been a lot of changes to diatheke (like the syntax you mentioned) and to Sword and to modules (like certain module names) since the last time the TCL script was seriously updated.

It doesn't get updated often and isn't being actively maintained, mostly because it's not fun, gets very little use, and I don't feel like it. :)

Third, this is a dumb question. If there any way to speed up the bible searches other then putting it on a faster PC?? A normal one word search takes about a minute and 50 seconds on my box right now.. Granted, it's only a P2 400 with 256MB, but I really don't want to build a new machine right now. silly

Anyway, other than that right now, it seems to be working ok..


If you're talking about the KJV, there's not much you can do about speed. It's been horrifically de-optimized, as of the latest release.

If other modules are giving you such slow search times, there's a problem unrelated to Sword and unrelated to your processor speed (like a super-fragmented hard drive or an OS without any disk caching or something else completely outside my knowledge).