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Posted by Coburn at Mar 23, 2007 7:10:54 AM
Different view options
I would really appreciate it if the Sword environment included the option of tabbed browsing for all texts.

Sometimes, I realize, it is nice to be able to see two or three things at once while you are studying.

But usually I maximize my Bible in Gnomesword and move the other panes off the page. Too much visual clutter. Plus I want the page I am reading to be big. I use a larger text size than installed, and I like the feel of more words on the page. Like a book, I guess.

So if tabbed browsing were an option, I could read one thing at a time, but have ready access to other things if I needed them.

BTW this would include dictionaries. I like reading them in print format. So much information is lost when one is forced to read only one entry at a time. And the latency involved in moving from entry to entry is incredible. Especially when you are working with a language where the entries are identified _only_ by numbers. Imagine using an English dictionary that worked like that.

One entry at a time is for popups.

Hope this idea is helpful.