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Posted by karl at Jan 19, 2007 4:45:03 AM
Re: Why only Hebrew?
I just installed GnomeSword and the only text available to me is Hebrew... are most of the users of GnomeSword speaking Hebrew as their primary language or is there some other reason I failed to get English?

First, make sure you're running a recent version. We released 2.2 at Christmas, and a 2.2.1 maintenance release will go out at the end of January. Frankly, anything earlier than about 2.1.8 will make you unhappy.

Second, if nothing is working properly for you, try aggressively removing your .gnomesword and .sword directories and starting over.

The first time you run GnomeSword, it notices the lack of any installed Bible modules and invokes the module manager, from which you can pick any of the 100+ Bibles at Crosswire on a per-language selection basis. The only way you could have gotten a Hebrew text is because you specifically asked for it. Did you not get the module manager on your first run?

Oh well... Also, why do I not see any available modules in the Module Manager... I'd like to install a few but the default crosswire reop seems to be offering nothing to install.... somebody do please help.

When you go into the regular module manager, you do the Configure stage at which you select "remote", which should include (by default) the Crosswire server. The hit the Refresh button at the bottom. Once you have done that, going to Install will show you what modules are available.

Check and stop in on Freenode #gnomesword for chatter. And we're positively ecstatic to get feedback, including bug reports.

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