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Posted by Coburn at Oct 25, 2006 9:01:17 AM
Re: Christian LiveCD
Has someone decided to make a Christian livecd with all the Sword/Bibletime/Gnome project applications on it yet? I am just suggesting, as I barley can get the programs installed myself.

I imagine Shamgar used an ox-goad because he was having trouble with the standard tools as well...

I often use the Windows Run CD off the ftp site, when I am away from home (where Gnomesword2 installed without a hitch from the Ubuntu repositories). It is a great tool, because you can use Sword on a work network computer alongside Word and whatever else you have going, and save any files you may create to personal media, and not disturb the network environment. As you might if you used a live CD and had to reboot your workstation.

I'd like to know, actually, what is the difficulty with making a Linux Run CD. Besides, of course, the fact that the computer you are using may not have all the dependencies you need. Just an idea, if somebody would be so kind, of what would be involved in setting it up, or why it's not something that's often done.