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Posted by karl at Oct 24, 2006 8:45:50 AM
Re: Custom reading calendar
I would love to have a feature that would allow me to log in to gnomesword and have my reading for the day pop up (be set in the tabs).

The closest GS will give you is to have a devotional module that you can construct.

Since you're running on Linux, and if you are comfortable with the command line tools, then you could (e.g.)

mod2imp DBD > dbd.imp

which will dump the content of an existing devotional module for you. Replace its per-date content to suit the readings you want to have. Insert them into the text as cross references (ThML <scripRef> or OSIS <reference>). Then use imp2ld to generate the module you want.

Lastly, copy mods.d/dbd.conf to mods.d/YourNameHere.conf, change the module name, path elements, and other data so as to describe what you have produced.

Once you have done all this, start GS, go to Preferences->Misc and set your devotional to the new module you have created. Thereafter, GS will start with your devotional in the preview pane.
Project Admin, Xiphos