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Problems with "Personal" commentary module
In the "Personal" window, when I choose "Edit"-->"Open in editor", ...
jdhanley 4 1595 Nov 9, 2010 3:56:01 PM
by jdhanley  Last Page
Blank Install/Update Screen
When trying to Install/Update, I get a blank screen - what could be the problem please. I have ...
JohanMarais 4 2229 Jan 31, 2011 12:59:02 AM
by JohanMarais  Last Page
Help with finding and deleting Xiphos configuration file
I installed Xiphos on my Fedora 14 / Dell Inspirion 530 and it worked great. I installed 5 Bibles ...
wam00067 3 2859 Feb 18, 2011 7:23:02 AM
by wam00067  Last Page
KJV Morphological Tags Problem
Hi, I have installed the KJV from the Crosswire repo, and the Robinson Dictionary. When I set ...
darkeale 0 2368 Mar 24, 2011 8:18:09 AM
by darkeale  Last Page
applause KJV FootNotes
Hi I was wondering where the footnote in the KJV Module came from? And are they ...
preacherboy 1 3573 Jul 25, 2011 6:56:30 AM
by Osk  Last Page
Installation of ESV Bible
Please, how do i install ESV Bible? After download, what is the systematic steps to install? ...
JAAK 0 2997 Sep 30, 2011 9:09:08 AM
by JAAK  Last Page
[Doubt] How do verses on the internet, documents (LibreOffice, etc.) or other means to link the program Xiphos Bible?
Hello, good morning everyone. I want to express that the forum is a good learning tool. It's ...
GuilhermeAugustoBA 1 3330 Nov 14, 2011 3:45:13 PM
by karl  Last Page
[Error] Characters disappear in the modules of Xiphos.
Good morning to all my friends. I'm not a very serious problem, however, quite irritating. The ...
GuilhermeAugustoBA 0 2728 Dec 30, 2011 3:59:53 AM
by GuilhermeAugustoBA  Last Page
Display Chapter, Book and Verse beside each verse
I'm using KJV SWORD module in the latest version of Xiphos to date. We would like to use ...
stasis 1 2747 Jan 15, 2012 7:40:04 AM
by karl  Last Page
How to install bblx bible modules into Xiphos?
Hello, I have downloaded a bible module in bblx format. Now, how to ...
cibalo 3 25924 Sep 26, 2013 1:55:09 AM
by optimase  Last Page
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