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where can i find the ....
thml2gbs.exe is not under ted
ted 2 4884 Jul 20, 2008 1:50:40 PM
by rlrandallx  Last Page
Daily Devotional missing days
My church is doing a Bible-in-a-year program, and I would like to turn our notes into a daily ...
BillyReuben 5 4171 Jul 20, 2008 1:34:05 PM
by rlrandallx  Last Page
French Bible from the Annotated Bible
Hi, I just put on line a french Bible sword module. This translation, from the 19th century, is ...
Claude 2 3605 Jul 17, 2008 10:00:53 PM
by Claude  Last Page
smile dev tools
I would like to humbly request the development tools xml2gbs etc. where might I find them? ...
hoshi411 1 3896 Jan 22, 2008 5:29:02 PM
by Osk  Last Page
Problems rendering ł in a module
Hi all, I'm making a module for a language that includes the ł character. When I convert my Osis ...
ratolagadi 2 3564 Jan 21, 2008 9:20:36 PM
by ratolagadi  Last Page
Converting eSword to Sword for use in MacSword
I'm a Windows user moving to Mac. I've been using eSword for ages and have an impressive collection ...
aljmc 6 18632 Dec 29, 2007 6:50:28 AM
by karl  Last Page
bring nt and nt.vss to nt.bzs, nt.bzv and nt.bzz
I am about to vonvert textes from my old windows bible study program to sword format. There are two ...
gp_handrich 1 12386 Nov 20, 2007 2:45:33 PM
by karl  Last Page
Osis template
Hi, I'm new to osis and making Bible modules, can somebody make some template to making ...
pmarki 1 4190 Aug 5, 2007 7:25:29 PM
by dmsmith  Last Page
Best way to convert an access database to a module
What would be the best way for me to convert an access database(all my yaers of notes for example, ...
planetusa 3 5127 Jun 24, 2007 5:27:27 PM
by ejb  Last Page
Hi, I've been trying to figure out how to get mod2osis to work. Seems like I've done it before a ...
superkc9 1 8948 May 27, 2007 7:39:48 PM
by rlrandallx  Last Page
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