Web Sites

www.biblecompanionsoftware.com Bible Companion Series from Loizeaux Brothers Publishers. Bible software and STEP books.
www.kirkbride.com Kirkbride Bible & Technology, publishers of the Thompson Bible Study Library.
www.wordsearchbible.com NavPress Software, publishers of WordSearch and STEP books.
www.parsonstech.com Parsons Technology, publishers QuickVerse, QuickVerse Library and STEP books.

Email Addresses

Kirkbride Bible & Technology (Thompson Bible Study Library)
sales@kirkbride.com Sales
support@kirkbride.com Technical Support
publish@kirkbride.com Thompson Chain Reference publishing information
Loizeaux Brothers (Bible Companion Series)
bcsoft@bellatlantic.net Bible Companion Series information.
NavPress Software (WordSearch)
sales@wordsearchbible.com General information about NavPress Software STEP products.
ellen@wordsearchbible.com Ellen Gerhard, NavPress Software. Information about licensing books to NavPress Software and joint STEP publishing opportunities.
Parsons Technology (QuickVerse)
jimv@parsonstech.com Jim VanDuzer, Director of Electronic Publishing, Parsons Technology. Licensing books to Parsons.
Bible Software Industry Standards Group (BSISG)
bsisg@compuserve.com Peter Bartlett, STEP Administrator and President, Loizeaux Brothers. Source of STEP Toolkits, general STEP questions.
webmaster@bsisg.com Site administrator. Comments on the BSISG site itself.

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